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About Me

I've always had an interest in building amazing things.

This passion was a mixture of building amazing things, logic, and technology; which resulted in me pursuing a major in civil engineering at Clemson University. Upon graduating in 2012, I worked on design teams building complex manufacturing plants, substations for wind turbine farms ,and rail lines to transport coal ash sustainability.

Even though these projects were interesting, I did not feel that my current work industry was as fast paced and inventive as I would like for it to be. Curiosity pushed me to take a week-long online tutorial for Javascript and I was in love! Building VIRTUAL amazing things? Being a part of an industry that is constantly innovating and growing seemed to be a perfect fit for my passions. Graduating from the fully immersive Web Developer program at Dev Bootcamp NYC July 2017, solidified this even more.

I am currently pursuing a full stack junior web development position at an organization that puts an emphasis on implementing cutting-edge technology and an inclusive environment for it's employees.

Project Portfolio

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BudgetGURU Mobile App MadLab Tracker App Command Line To Do List Simple Javascript Game


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